About Us

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is a leader in providing impactful risk management solutions that drive lasting business success for our customers. WSPS offers unparalleled health & safety expertise, insight and solutions for creating healthy work environments where employees thrive and businesses prosper.

A dynamic $43-million organization servicing 165,000 member firms, WSPS is primarily focused on the agricultural, industrial/manufacturing and service sectors. A key player in the Ontario occupational health & safety system, WSPS brings together community and business leaders to influence positive change to create a safer and more profitable Ontario.


Our Vision

The elimination of all work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Our Values

  1. We measure our success based on the results of our customers and the community

  2. Our people are fundamental to our success

  3. We will work collaboratively with our partners

Ontario's Prevention System Vision

The elimination of all work-related injuries, illnesses and fatalities.


Quality Policy

WSPS is committed to achieving the highest standards, through continual improvement, in providing programs, products, and services that:

  • meet customer and obligatory requirements, and serve the needs of our stakeholders,
  • are effective for the prevention of injury and illness, and
  • provide value in terms of the services delivered and outcomes achieved for the costs incurred.

To achieve these goals, a comprehensive Quality Management System has been established enabling WSPS to meet all ISO 9001 requirements. The management system approach will facilitate the achievement of WSPS's quality goals and objectives as outlined in WSPS's Strategic and Business Plans.


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