Student Injury Prevention Initiative

Making Learning Safer: A Model for Success

students in tech shopIt's amazing what can be accomplished with the right consulting and training partner.

Just ask the Durham District School Board.

It tapped into the expertise of Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) and something remarkable happened.

Together, they significantly reduced Injuries among students exposed to machine hazards in school tech shops.

The Durham District School Board has gone a great distance in ensuring a safer learning environment for students in its tech classes.

Now it's your turn. You have the mandate and the funding from the Ministry of Education.

And with the advice of WSPS expert consultants, and our Tech Shop Safety Training, you can confidently plan and prioritize Ministry funding to keep your students safe.

For more information contact Ivan Szlapetis at or 1-877-494-9777 x 2527


Services Tailored to Your Needs

WSPS offers a range of services and products to help School Boards achieve and maintain the highest standards for student safety.

  • Professional advice from our consultants as part of a FREE Gap Analysis of your health and safety program
  • Machine Hazard Assessments and practical recommendations for every machine in every school
  • Tech Shop Safety Training on hazard recognition, assessment and control for teachers, administrators, and health and safety committee members
  • Science Lab Hazard Assessments, including reports and recommendations.
  • A variety of other Resources to augment your learning

Why Choose WSPS

  • Proven results in student injury reduction
  • Highly qualified health and safety consultants & trainers
  • Expertise in tech shop safety and machine hazards
  • Objective 3rd party assessments
  • Collaborative approach

Key Benefits for School Boards

  • Reduced risk of injuries among students and staff
  • Achieve goals of Ministry's Student Injury Prevention Initiative
  • Greater self-sufficiency in hazard assessment and control
  • Stronger, more sustainable health and safety program
  • Cost-effective, long-term solutions
  • Compliance with health and safety laws
  • A safer environment that promotes student achievement

How WSPS Helps Keep Schools Safe

Consulting Services

Health and Safety Program Gap Analysis (one hour FREE consultation)
Get impartial, professional health and safety advice. Our consultants will meet with key staff and administrators, review your health and safety program, tour a facility, and check legal compliance. We'll pinpoint significant gaps and make recommendations to help you make effective use of staff time and Ministry of Education funds.

Tech Shop Machine Hazard Assessment
Improper guarding on machines and equipment is the main cause of injuries to students' fingers, hands or thumbs. Our consultants will assess equipment and machinery at every school to ensure it meets CSA Standard Z432-04, Safeguarding of Machinery. You'll receive a list of deficiencies and practical recommendations, helping you to prioritize repairs and allocate funding.

Training Courses

Tech Shop Safety for Shop Teachers (half-day, in class)
Tech shop teachers play a critical role in ensuring a hazard-free environment and safe use of machinery. Our in-depth course enhances participant's knowledge by reinforcing awareness of legal responsibilities and ensuring a thorough, consistent process for recognizing, evaluating and controlling hazards commonly found within school shop settings. Participants can apply their new knowledge immediately.

Safety Awareness Training for School Administrators (half day, in class)
Take the lead set by the Durham District School Board by also providing training to school principals and vice-principals, who carry "supervisor" responsibilities under health and safety laws. This course explains their legislative obligations, as well as important concepts such as "due diligence". Administrators will gain an awareness of machine hazards, machine guarding and tech shop safety processes.

Conducting a Tech Shop Risk Assessment (full day, on site)
This practical, hands-on workshop is ideal for teachers, administrators, health and safety officers, joint committee members, and staff professional development. The workshop is designed to teach participants how to recognize, assess and control high-risk school hazards and to create a site-specific action plan detailing immediate and future controls for all critical areas. Content can be customized for tech shops, industrial arts, science labs, wood shop, cosmetology and more.

Other Resources

Inspecting Physical Conditions Guidelines for Setting Standards
Improve your School Board's ability to identify and control hazards with the help of this comprehensive and easy to use resource. At 220+ pages, it pulls together a wealth of information on applicable laws, regulations, and standards. It also provides detailed information on over 30 hazards and controls. Use it to improve the quality of hazard inspections and as a reference for quickly resolving health and safety issues.

Shop Equipment Feature Sheets
Reinforce student's safety lessons by placing these eye-catching sheets on all mechanical devices. They include photos and information on typical uses, potential hazards, use of machine guards, and safety precautions. Sheets can be developed for all types of equipment and machinery and can incorporate your school's logo.

Shop Equipment Lock-out Placards
Attach these placards to machines and equipment as visual reference for safe lockout procedures before maintenance, adjustments or inspections are performed. An essential part of your lock-out/tag out program and training for joint committee members, administrators, teachers and students, the placards show machine layout and outline step-by step procedures to control hazardous energy sources.

Resource Downloads. Supplement or refresh your knowledge with information from WSPS website.

  • Lockout
  • Working with Portable Tools
  • Machine Safety
  • Laboratory Safety
  • Housekeeping/Maintenance
  • WHMIS: General Information and Training

Workplace Safety & Prevention Services
A recognized leader in occupational health and safety in Ontario, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services (WSPS) is a trusted advisor to businesses, large and small, seeking to boost productivity and profitability by eliminating workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. WSPS is one of four Health and Safety Associations that comprise Health & Safety Ontario.

WSPS has also worked with the Durham District School Board and schools in Ontario to build safer environments for staff and students.

WSPS legacy organization, IAPA, is referenced in the Ontario Ministry of Education Technological Education Curriculum and in the Ontario Guidelines for Teachers of Technological Studies.

For more information contact Ivan Szlapetis at or 1-877-494-9777 x 2527